How is the Body, Mind and Spirit Connected?

It was my Birthday this week and so I am thinking about “New Beginnings.”I have always maintained that “new beginnings” are important in any phase of your life.As you know for those of you who have been following my Blog I advocate 3 aspects to a fulfilling life and those aspects are:Mind/ body/ spirit.If these 3 aspects of your life are in harmony then you can accomplish anything you put you mind to.I have been focusing mostly on the body till today and now I would like to switch it up a bit and explain to you why a Body Transformation is so imperative to disciplining your mind and enriching your spirit.The body is an external manifestation of who we are and what we represent in life. When somebody looks at you they assess you based on what they see. I know you may think it is unfair but we live in a world which IS judgmental. Now what I am going to tell you is not about how other people see you primarily but how you see yourself.I need to stress that until you are satisfied with how you look on the outside and feel on the inside that will dictate how your approach your spiritual side. The Body is our temple. So if you cannot focus and get the Body you desire and if you cannot control your diet you are in big trouble for setting up your mental faculties and your Spirituality in order.Working on your Body is like a dress rehearsal for working on the rest of your life.Think about that!Stay strong and beautiful.

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